Bring Underbelly to your theatre.

An Underbelly kit is a combination of script, photos, video, and music design from Underbelly's original production, along with one of our core members to serve as regisseur and guide.  


Designed at the Orchard Project in 2014/15, Underbelly Kits are a hybrid of touring production and licenced show: a way to bring site-specific theatre to new venues, redesigning the immersive experience around your space. 


For example, CHURCH OF THE PASSIONATE CAT was first produced in The Rude Mechs's scene shop in Austin, TX through the Rude Fusion Program, then was remounted as a to travel throughout the 7000 sq ft Universal Preservation Hall as part of The Orchard Project Presents.


SLIP RIVER, CHURCH OF THE PASSIONATE CAT, and ALICE IN WONDERLAND are available to be remounted at your theatre- from kit to full production. 


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