Inspired by Mark Twain and the music of Beyonce, SLIP RIVER is an electric journey for audiences of all ages, where peril—or possibility—lie just around the river's bend. 



"SLIP RIVER is an exhilarating ride beneath and behind the spaces where theater usually happens."

- Polly Carl, Editor and Director, HowlRound

"A wildly compelling immersion in a harrowing fairytale. Site-specific theatre at its best."

- Todd Rosenthal, Tony Award-winning Scenic Designer


April, 2013: Premiere at The Cohen New Works Festival at The University of Texas at Austin.


Winner of 2013 Austin Critis Table Award, Best Comedy

#1 Reason to stay in love with theatre in 2013





SLIP RIVER was co-created by Katie Bender, Abe Koogler, Gabrielle Reisman, Kristian Piña, Mercedes O'Bannion, James Ogden, Stephanie Busing, Marshall Bessieres, Kelsey Oliver, Ian Reese, Sam Gorena, Karen Rodriguez, Briana Garcia, Merin Rogers, Kristen Jackson, and Stephen Mabry

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