NEXT YEAR PEOPLE: Bender / Mars / Reisman

In 2020, as the earth begins to slowly cave in and the world's Western nations tilt towards authoritarianism, a trio of artists set out to build a utopia together in the ruins of a sub-tropical hotel. NEXT YEAR PEOPLE is part faux documentary- an exploration of what it means to make work together in a new political climate, and part improvised party- a bacchanalian unraveling of our best-laid plans.


As Bender / Mars / Reisman, London-based theatre artist Rachel Mars joins Underbelly's  Katie Bender and Gab Reisman in this new piece about the search for meaningful community in the rising shadow of social destruction.


Like the farmers who rode out the Dust Bowl in the Texas Panhandle, sure that the next year would bring better weather, NEXT YEAR PEOPLE pushes at the limits of hope. It tracks our shared desire to live multiple lives at once through braided choral narrative, alternating moments of sensuousness and violence, and one ridiculous fly-by-night utopia.


NEXT YEAR PEOPLE will open at Fusebox Festival in Austin April 17-20, 2019. 

Tickets and more info here. 


NEXT YEAR PEOPLE was developed with the generous support of Fusebox, The Museum of Human Achievement, The Playwrights Center, New Georges, Page 73 and The Orchard Project. More about our process at The Playwrights Center here.  

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