Underbelly is an American theatre company.

We lead our audiences on immersive journeys through forgotten spaces. 
We riff on classic American stories, and raid the American subconscious
for new aesthetics and inspiration. We slam together time periods.
We cross disciplines. 
We work ecstatically. We are vagabonds.


We like to build work in the unused parts of theatres—the light pit,

the lobby, the very back of the scene shop. We're obsessed with invitations, and 

the ways audiences plunge into a play.   

An Underbelly show combines narrative, music, dance, and fresh corn muffins

(if you’re lucky). Our shows will lead you to look at things with new eyes:
a space you thought
you knew, a story you thought you knew—
a world seen anew.


Bring your dancing shoes.


Founded in Austin in 2013, Underbelly is a collaboration
between Katie Bender, Gab Reisman, at times 

Abe Koogler (all playwright-director-performers), 
and Stephanie Busing (a media and scenic designer).   


Underbelly co-founders are split between New York City and Austin, TX.

Underbelly shows are built for remounting in nearly any theatrical anti-space.  

Contact us to find out how you can bring our plays to your hamlet or sea village. 


Who Else

Besides our core members, Underbelly works with a cadre of insanely talented Associated Artists! 


A few Associated Artists: Kristian Pina, Mercedes O'Bannion, Kelsey Oliver, Hannah Kenah, Diana Small, Jesse Bertron, Ian Reece, Stephen Mabry, Briana Garcia, Sam Gorena, Harrison Harvey, Sidney Monroe, Kenny Chilton, Patrick Shaw, and Karen Rodriguez, among many others. 


A few artists we have professional friend-crushes on: Rachel Mars, The Duplicates, PearlDamour, The Rude Mechs

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